Next Steps

Taking our lives seriously and taking the Lord seriously means making smaller steps to discern how to make much greater steps in the future. If we never spend time with someone, we can never hope to be their friend. If we never send applications and get to know people, we can never hope to get the job we seek.

Equally, we must take opportunities to deepen our faith, to learn about what the Lord may be setting up for us, and to take seriously His voice in the depth of our souls.

If your prayer and study have inspired you to further explore a vocation to the priesthood, please contact the vocation office. We are here to help! Our job is to answer your questions and to guide you into God’s perfect will, whatever it may be.


If you are discerning God’s call to you, then get in touch and take this small step towards whatever the Lord has laid out. If you are supporting those who are discerning, then be courageous and invite them to take this deeper step.

Upcoming events and resources

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