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Discerning your vocation can elicit many questions, so do please connect with us to begin your discernment journey.

The Vocations Director and his team of Vocation Promoters are happy to meet up with you in person, to chat over the phone, or simply exchange emails. We are all equally passionate about the opportunity we have to mentor and guide men along their own pursuits of holiness.

Handsome young man praying in a church

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Discernment is made prayerfully and takes place in the deepest recesses of our hearts, but it is not done alone. Come here to connect with events and supports which will help you discern.

We know the way

Now that you understand what a calling or vocation is, take that first step on your journey by learning to discern your Life’s path.
Life is a gift; how can you make the most of yours?
We’ll help you find your Life’s calling.

Who We Are

james barber-1

Fr. James Barber

Vocation Promoter

Poole and Bournemouth

Paul Keys-4

Fr. Paul Keys

Vocation Promoter

North and East Dorset

Jacek Kostuch-1

Fr. Jacek Kostuch

Vocation Promoter


anthony ogorman-3

Fr. Anthony O’Gorman

Vocation Promoter

West and South Dorset

ralph candy-2

Fr. Ralph Candy

Vocations Director

Torbay, Plymouth, Exeter, and Devon

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